Studio space

Hi again,

Thought you may like to see my working space for my artworks.

I only have a small room (ex study) that provides me with everything I need for now. I have some folding tressle tables that I try to layout in an L shape, but am at times re arranging my space. I have my working table top board on one table and tend to work from my left for painting in oils and have my gouache materials on my right. This way I don’t really need to move things about when I change mediums.

My new lighting is fantastic. I have pure daylight 24 hrs if I need it. It just clamps onto my table top which is easy.

My room is a sunny north west facing, and on a nice day will give plenty of light naturally.

I’ve added some pics to show you my studio.

Enjoy and what is your working space like?



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