Puppet trusts his strings – gouache

I set this up in my art teacher’s studio with her help as we had to create a little tripod from some bamboo for this little guy to hang from.  This puppet has travelled around the world with me and was purchased in North Italy and travelled back to Australia and made it in one piece.  He makes me happy to see his chipper little face and brings back endless fab memories of my travels.

Puppet Trusts his strings XMAS Card


Julie Toffolo is an Australian born artist and lives in Melbourne Victoria. Her art is in private collections around Australia.

She has two teenage boys, works part time as an Education Art Assistant at a Secondary Girls School and paints on her days off in her leafy Eltham Studio.

Julie works in illustration in a nostalgic vintage style and loves to paint from the nature around her bushy local environment and wherever she can find any form of nature on her travels. She is captivated by how the light flickers and dances when working from still life or outdoors.

Having studied traditional painting methods under Jenni Mitchell and Mervynn Hannan from Eltham South Fine Art Studios and Gallery has taught Julie many elements of drawing, composition, colour, painting, trying new materials, beautifying the simple things around us.

Julie has been a member of local artist co ops and exhibits throughout the year.

You can follow Julie on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to watch and support her art practise.

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