Draw each day

I had a lightbulb moment last night when trying to work out a better management schedule for making my artwork.

Often when we work from home, things just do get in the way. There is always something to factor in doing before I feel comfortable about getting to work on my art which is what I really want to be doing.

Anyway as I was scribbling in my journal with no focus or end result in mind, I worked out that if I can keep my journal close by at most times, then it’s all I need. I don’t actually need to have my easel and paints all set and ready to go as this isn’t always convenient. But the frustrated artist in me wants to create so I’ve now decided that my journal can do this. So each day I will now be sketching anything nearby wherever I may be, but I will use a finalise black pen without a rubber in sight. This will stop me wanting to rub out anything and it will keep me quick and alert and help me to record what I see over just a few minutes. This will be my new way to make art purely via contour drawing and if I have time to paint that’s fab too. I will keep my eye in and it will be great for my drawing skillset.

This little journal is only small and I will keep it for me only. No-one ever needs to see it as there will be quite a mess at times on the page. But I won’t care as this is me learning at every opportunity.

Just draw each day. 🙂

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