Odd little wonders – work in progress

I really do love nature and have always been intrigued by the shapes, textures, colours, smells of our natural world.

On my walks during our winter in Melbourne at times I come across these little treasure patches. They seem so whimsical and earthy and it feels like they are dancing in the wind together or standing to attention on a rock face.

So I’m enjoying sketching and putting together compositions of these little cute things. I’m working on Hannamule velour pastel paper for this work and am learning and enjoying the challenge.

Has anyone used this paper and if so do you prefer to work on this or the pastelmat paper with your pastels? I am working with my pastel sticks and pastel pencils on this one and blending using my pan pastel tools (although the velour doesn’t work too well using these tools) and I am using my rubber ended pastel tools which seem to work better, and of course my finger.

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