How to paint with Gouache and a palette knife

I wasn’t sure how to use my Gouache paints with only my pallet knife. Diving in was the only way for me and I have to say my results were quiet nice to see. The texture I was able to achieve with this one tool instead of my brushes has left me wanting more.

The palette knife has always freed my work up much more (usually when using my Oil paints), but now I’m happy to say so long as I let each layer dry in between, the Gouache is coping well and I haven’t noticed any signs of cracking in the paint.

This was an experiment and I’m happy to keep trying with other studies of nature. I may decide to finish this work, but I don’t mind leaving it loose for now.

Bushwalking through my local environment


Julie Toffolo is an Australian born artist and lives in Melbourne Victoria. Her art is in private collections around Australia.

She has two teenage boys, works part time as an Education Art Assistant at a Secondary Girls School and paints on her days off in her leafy Eltham Studio.

Julie works in illustration in a nostalgic vintage style and loves to paint from the nature around her bushy local environment and wherever she can find any form of nature on her travels. She is captivated by how the light flickers and dances when working from still life or outdoors.

Having studied traditional painting methods under Jenni Mitchell and Mervynn Hannan from Eltham South Fine Art Studios and Gallery has taught Julie many elements of drawing, composition, colour, painting, trying new materials, beautifying the simple things around us.

Julie has been a member of local artist co ops and exhibits throughout the year.

You can follow Julie on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to watch and support her art practise.

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