Studio space

I really want my own studio space now.

It feels very frustrating at times to be crammed on one table with my easel to work and feel creative at. Although I am grateful to have a table and an easel, but I actually want a quaint space where I can escape to at any time of the day or night.

So given that myself and my boys have moved into a double story townhouse (which is real cute) I can only think of using either the little shed in the backyard or a space in the double garage.

The little shed out the back gets very good light albeit could do with one or two more windows, but it needs a good renovation to keep it water tight, better flooring, power, lighting, heating, cooling etc. It could also be a bit bigger if I’m honest.

Or I have our double garage space. At the moment this is fairly full with stuff to throw out and reorganise and my car of course. But I thought can I install a wall to section the studio off from the car space and possibly install a window in the roller door, (I doubt that). I do have power in there for heating, cooling, lighting etc. Ideally I would like to work with the roller door up as the light is good but my pooch is my shadow and he would possibly run off.

Has anyone converted their garage into a space whilst still being able to park the car inside? I’d love to see your photo’s and hear any ideas please.



Julie Toffolo is an Australian born artist and lives in Melbourne Victoria. Her art is in private collections around Australia.

She has two teenage boys, works part time as an Education Art Assistant at a Secondary Girls School and paints on her days off in her leafy Eltham Studio.

Julie works in illustration in a nostalgic vintage style and loves to paint from the nature around her bushy local environment and wherever she can find any form of nature on her travels. She is captivated by how the light flickers and dances when working from still life or outdoors.

Having studied traditional painting methods under Jenni Mitchell and Mervynn Hannan from Eltham South Fine Art Studios and Gallery has taught Julie many elements of drawing, composition, colour, painting, trying new materials, beautifying the simple things around us.

Julie has been a member of local artist co ops and exhibits throughout the year.

You can follow Julie on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to watch and support her art practise.


  1. Enjoy your new space!

    1. tjtoffolo says:

      It’s only small but still works. πŸ™‚

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