This little one may tug at your heart

Don’t leave me. This little one did get selected for the exhibition I’ve been fingers crossed about this week. She comes from a tug at my heart after war torn Afghanistan families were forced to run for their lives and still are doing so today. We don’t see their story on the News much anymore as it’s not the hot topic for the media magnates ratings right now. I read a book on survivors of Afghanistan over decades of war and I wish I could do more.

Don’t leave me

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  1. Thanks for sharing your portrait of this young Afghani girl–reminding us that our hearts need to be with those in war-torn and disaster-stricken people around the world.

    • My pleasure Bette.

      From so far away I had only read the book The Rug Maker when the war broke out all over our news again. What we thought was new was old for the Afghani people as they have lived with decades of this life.

      I then found out the Rug Maker author has visited the school I work at years ago to give a talk in our library when he launched the book. And since I’ve found his rug shop in Melbourne too.

      All many coincidences that have made my heart tug for these soulful communities. 💖

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