Small studio spaces are workable

An artist's small studio space
My small quaint studio space

After having to leave our large family home 6 years ago due to a marital separation, thankfully I was fortunate enough to buy a Townhouse for myself and my teenage boys. Its’ so cosy, albeit minus the studio space and of course that amazing turquoise sparking pool over summer.

Now we have a cosy quaint small space that is home to us and our fur babies.

This has taught me that small studio spaces are actually quite workable. I’ve found that the space puts less pressure on my brain when painting as it’s so quaint it makes me feel cosy and safe without any overwhelm.

My IPad fits on my table top easle
My cat is cosy in my small studio.

There is also the bonus of less mess to clean up and given that lately I’m painting on the Ipad and with oil pastels mostly it really is more tidy.

I’M A BAD FILMER but anyway watch the video to the end and see the cutest thing. 🐈‍⬛

Sailor Johnny fits perfectly in my studio space

Johnny at home in the studio space…

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