Composition, getting ideas down

Hi Artist’s This is how I start my composition! I gather my ideas and nut them out in my head and then start placing shapes/tonal and blocking in. I may do a few rough outs early on or else I may just go straight in on the paper/canvas and aim for this to be the …

Where my ideas come from???

Today a bunch of ideas ran into my head and this rough sketch in hard pastel is my starting point. I will work this up and hope to produce a finished artwork; keep watching! It came about from watching my little boy’s goldfish in his bedroom!

Studio space

Hi again, Thought you may like to see my working space for my artworks. I only have a small room (ex study) that provides me with everything I need for now. I have some folding tressle tables that I try to layout in an L shape, but am at times re arranging my space. I …