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Frog on a log
Yay sold to a lovely buyer in Qld has purchased Mr. Frog perfection. I will miss him hanging around.



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Busy days.

Ok to get to work this week on two commissions.  One is of an Australian Magpie bird and the other is of deep red orchids which I will paint as a still life.

And I am also busily trying to get my studies up to date with my cartoon/illustration course.  Oh yes and also I need to start a new piece for an exhibition early next year titled scarlet stories.

Just one other thing too, it is only four weeks until Christmas, aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

Have the best Tuesday.



A pinch and a punch

Yay its the first day of spring in Australia. We have had a chilly winter, the coldest in some years in Melbourne. And yes the hayfever has kicked in. One of my younger boys suffers it badly. Any suggestions to help him through


this season. I have tried many things but the sprays etc create nose bleeds and headaches.


Commission artwork – Geelong Foreshore Melbourne Australia

I’ve been having a lot of fun and challenge working on my next commission painted in oils.

The best part is that I was given creative freedom and after a bit of to and fro with preliminary sketches, I got the composition worked. I have come to realise this is the part I enjoy, the to and fro of getting it right.  I also get satisfaction out of ideas/feedback from the client and enjoy nurturing these relationships throughout the creative process. And I do prefer working on these larger artworks. This will be finished over the next week and I will post it then.