Our Princess – PRINT – Gouache on archival quality paper UNFRAMED


This artwork was exhibited at Montsalvat Australian artists’ colony and the theme was “Scarlet stories”.

Working to the scarlet stories theme was achieved in the composition of a portrait with elements of the colour red jumping out; but essentially the scarlet stories are the life of a princess and her ongoing struggle with tabloid stories, being chased and those stories being shared around the world against her will.

The work portrays the stories of Princess Diana in an exquisitely lovely light, with subtle suggestion of her life which could have been viewed as somewhat circus like. Her love of Australia was incorporated by adding in the spray of red gum flowers from my garden in Melbourne Australia.

I along with so many people around the world loved Diana; my sister was fortunate to meet her over 30 years ago at a Paralympic sports competition opening in London, but back then didn’t comprehend the measure of that experience until many years later.



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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 22 cm


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