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    Christmas in Eltham

    Without a doubt each Christmas you can hear Christmas tunes blaring from the loud speakers as the local Fireys travel up down the steep hills around residential Eltham. It’s those regular acts within the local community that bring the neighbourhood out to chat and of course wave to Santa and his firey crew on the back of the big loud red Firetruck. Luv this!

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    Merry Christmas from me and Homer (studio boy)

    Another year has passed and it has been hard, albeit creative too and filled with loads of love from my doggy Homer by my side in the studio. My beautiful Mum passed just before last Christmas and I guess we (our family) will find it a bit tough each year at this time. They say it gets easier with time, but now it feels more permanent each time I go to grab the phone to call her. Thanks so much from my arty heart for all of your follows, support and encouragement in my artistic journey. Knowing there are those out in this space who read, acknowledge and show interest…

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    Summer hols

    After finishing work today for the Christmas break I feel ready to get into my art again. My plans for these summer hols is to paint and plein air sketch.  I have all good intentions and do feel some excitement about this idea; but time is always whizzing by at this time of the year. Happy Christmas and enjoy your holiday break.