Brain empty

I watched an artist on YouTube who strongly suggests just doodling in between the structured pressures of creating a finished work can declutter the mind in bucket loads.

I often doodle in work meetings or even while hangin with friends/family. But the empowerment of doodling big size really freed my mind up more so.

These marks, shapes, varied textures all have potential and I can see myself cutting them up and collaging them.


Copic markers and my Frida.



Copic markers and a young Elizabeth Taylor

More sketching with my copics, but I really need to buy many more colours.  This was very challenging with her skin tone.  I am hooked on old Hollywood and the icons of the silver screen and anything vintage.  Elizabeth Taylor has always been a favourite of mine and I want to capture her utter beauty and strong presence of feminine.  More of Elizabeth to come.