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Caught in sunshine

Inspiration in my garden

I don’t have to look far for any ideas in my art. My small cosy home has been dappled with pops of colour in any corner I can find. I made sure when my boys and I moved in I would make this a special little home for us. 🍃

Competition giveaway time (1 more sleep)

I have run a competition via my Instagram over the past week or so and I can’t wait for tomorrow morning when I finally get to choose my giveaway winner. And even more because I love bringing people’s homes to life on the canvas. My experience with running any type of giveaway or competition is …

Walks around the neighbourhood

We are tending to take more notice on our one hour of exercise a day structure in Melbourne for now. I keep finding treasure in the many gardens and such adorable little and biggish homes I pass. Homes that must be filled with a vast array of stories that could fill a book. I think …