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Caught in sunshine

Small studio spaces are workable

After having to leave our large family home 6 years ago due to a marital separation, thankfully I was fortunate enough to buy a Townhouse for myself and my teenage boys. Its’ so cosy, albeit minus the studio space and of course that amazing turquoise sparking pool over summer.

Aussie bush childhood adventures

As fourth in line of a family of five children often it was a fight to get my parents attention and more so time with my Dad. I would do anything to spend time with my Dad, even doing boring chores like food shopping on a Saturday morning with him. But the time we all …

Saturday early evenings

Just driving back from a full family day at my great niece’s 1st birthday party an hour away from where I live but it was so good to be there and chat with family and have baby girl cuddles too. Babies always smell so delicate and true to me. And as always driving back home …