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Caught in sunshine

Inspiration in my garden

I don’t have to look far for any ideas in my art. My small cosy home has been dappled with pops of colour in any corner I can find. I made sure when my boys and I moved in I would make this a special little home for us. 🍃

The mannerisms of a child

When I make little scenes up in my illustrations and paintings I will often place children in them I know. Even to not know the child can evoke a feeling of wonderment just by watching their mannerisms. A coy look from the corner of an eye, light dancing across a frilly dress or the look …

Safe at home

I like to draw and paint people’s cosy homes and the interiors. I’m drawn to these I think as I always feel my most secure at home. We all feel like this mostly but I know there are families that feel extremely unsafe at home. I want my sketches and paintings to bring some cosy, …

Mudbrick in lockdown

A little mudbrick art studio in it’s cosy surround, picturesque windows built from artist travels in French provincial early-mid 1900’s. This is Montsalvat at the gateway to our Yarra Valley. I spent a few years working up on the mezzanine level as an artist and eventually had to capture it on paper in delish soft …