Busy days.

Ok to get to work this week on two commissions.  One is of an Australian Magpie bird and the other is of deep red orchids which I will paint as a still life.

And I am also busily trying to get my studies up to date with my cartoon/illustration course.  Oh yes and also I need to start a new piece for an exhibition early next year titled scarlet stories.

Just one other thing too, it is only four weeks until Christmas, aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

Have the best Tuesday.




My Orchids are blooming more each day and I luv to see them dancing in their pots on the deck swaying to the Autumn breeze. Chilly mornings and sunny days; the best of life. I have painted them previously and will have to again soon.
I am adding a painting of a gorgeous Australian wattle tree that I pass on my walks at the end of our winters in Melbourne. I will get it finished soon.


Orchid dance


Such a gorgeous Melbourne morning. My orchids are blooming and dancing in the Autumn breeze. Luving today! Make your day the best too, you don’t need much to smile.