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Inspiration in my garden

I don’t have to look far for any ideas in my art. My small cosy home has been dappled with pops of colour in any corner I can find. I made sure when my boys and I moved in I would make this a special little home for us. 🍃

Small studio spaces are workable

After having to leave our large family home 6 years ago due to a marital separation, thankfully I was fortunate enough to buy a Townhouse for myself and my teenage boys. Its’ so cosy, albeit minus the studio space and of course that amazing turquoise sparking pool over summer.

Push the mids

When the light outdoors isn’t that great to pull a work together cohesively I always remember to push my mid hues. I learned this from a past highly regarded artist/teacher. This actually does work if used smartly without over saturating the hues. This is a section of an artwork and you can see the day …

Odd little wonders – work in progress

I really do love nature and have always been intrigued by the shapes, textures, colours, smells of our natural world. On my walks during our winter in Melbourne at times I come across these little treasure patches. They seem so whimsical and earthy and it feels like they are dancing in the wind together or …

Mudbrick in lockdown

A little mudbrick art studio in it’s cosy surround, picturesque windows built from artist travels in French provincial early-mid 1900’s. This is Montsalvat at the gateway to our Yarra Valley. I spent a few years working up on the mezzanine level as an artist and eventually had to capture it on paper in delish soft …