Caught in sunshine

Inspiration in my garden

I don’t have to look far for any ideas in my art. My small cosy home has been dappled with pops of colour in any corner I can find. I made sure when my boys and I moved in I would make this a special little home for us. 🍃

Small studio spaces are workable

After having to leave our large family home 6 years ago due to a marital separation, thankfully I was fortunate enough to buy a Townhouse for myself and my teenage boys. Its’ so cosy, albeit minus the studio space and of course that amazing turquoise sparking pool over summer.

Tired of the Instagram hussle 🙄

I was pleased to see some genuine feedback to my question on Instagram for this post. I just find Instagram is changing so quickly these days it’s so hard to keep up. Blogging on my website is far more enjoyable and sits better with my creative time. There is so little time to use Instagram …

Aussie bush childhood adventures

As fourth in line of a family of five children often it was a fight to get my parents attention and more so time with my Dad. I would do anything to spend time with my Dad, even doing boring chores like food shopping on a Saturday morning with him. But the time we all …